Welcome to Tigersden's Designs.

Tigersden's Designs We enjoy designing Pathtags, Signets, Golf Ball Markers, and sell a few of these as well as goodies to go along with them. Have a look around, if you cannot find something you want to know more about, then drop us a line. Cheers Cerena (aka "tigersden")

29 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Pathtags.com September 2014 Promo: $10 Pathcash Back On Every Starter Kit or Change Request

Pathtags.com September 2014 Promo:  $10 PathCash Back On Every Starter Kit or Change Order

Place your order using the pre-filled promotional code and get $10 PathCash back to your account when you approve your order for production!  Valid on new starter kits and change orders only.

11 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

GLOW is BACK for JULY 2014

July 2014:  Glow Is Back!

In July 2014 glow is back!  Last year our international community expressed a desire for Glow earlier in the year due to their shipping times – so here we go!  This opportunity allows you to add one of 11 great glow colors to your design at no additional cost!  The use of glow relies heavily on your design parameters.  Wide open spaces (like a big moon) will work much better than small spots (like eyes).  If we are unable to accommodate glow in your design you will be notified when your blueprint is posted.

From pathtags.com

14 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Our OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE for the SA Oz Mega 2014

Our Official Merchandise is ready to be PRE-ORDERED.


We are only ordering a small quantity to take to the event to sell, so please get your PRE-ORDERS in by the END of JANUARY 2014.

To find out more, please click HERE.


26 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

SA OZ MEGA 2014 – We are designing a TRACKABLE SIGNET for the Event.




I am pleased, no, over the moon, that we have received permission to create and distribute a TRACKABLE SIGNET for the SA OZ MEGA 2014 event.

We will be releasing the design soon, and when we do, we will be taking PRE-ORDERS so you don’t miss out.You will be able to place your order via this website.

You will be able to pick them up at the event.  Those that cannot attend the event, we can mail you yours, but not until AFTER the event.


More details will be announced shortly.

ALSO, the Pathtag Portal has been given permission to put together a set of pathtags for the event as well.  More news on that in the near future.

01 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Welcome to my NEW website…

A NEW YEAR means a NEW WEBSITE.  They say a change is as good as a holiday right?  Let’s find out shall we.

Have a look around the website and if there is something out of place or missing, please let me know.  Even if it is just a spelling mistake.  Send us an email to cerena@tigersdensdesigns.net and tell me everything you can to help me fix the error.  We are only human, well, I am…lol.

Ok, here are some of the MAIN FEATURES of this website:

  1. We have introduced a little something for our customers called the “PAW PRINTS Reward Scheme“.
    We wanted to be able to give you something back fro being such great customers.
    To find out more please visit the relevant TAB above.
  2. WISHLIST Feature.  When you open up a product page, you will see the option to add that item to your WISHLIST.
    You can then send that wishlist via email to a friend.  Great for birthdays, or just when you want someone to buy you something.
    You can also make your WISHLIST Private or Public.  You do this when you view your wishlist.
    When you add a product to the wishlist, you will have the ability to add it to your cart from there.
  3. PRODUCTS REVIEWS.  At the bottom of the product pages you will find a TAB that says REVIEWS, making it easier to add them and see them.  You will also receive PAW PRINTS for the product reviews you leave.  (conditions apply, see PAW PRINTS Rewards Scheme for more info)
  4. STOCK LEVELS.  The product pages now have the ability to show you our STOCK LEVELS.
  5. CART.  Your cart is now shown on the RIGHT side of the page.  It shows ALL the items in your cart along with the products thumbnail photo.
  6. MY ACCOUNT area.  This is the important bit.  To be able to purchase a product, leave reviews, receive PAW PRINTS, and a few other things yet to be added, you must create an ACCOUNT.  Very easy to do and it keeps track of everything.  You will be able to access this from the RIGHT side of the page.  All in one convenient area.
  7. NEWSLETTER sign up is on the RIGHT also, very easy to access and only takes a moment to put your details in and hit SIGN ME UP PLEASE.

So, I have probably forgotten to mention something, that is always my case.  So take a moment and have a look around.

Please remember the site is still having bits and pieces added to it as I think of them, so check back regularly to see what is new.